Specialized Design


Marvin E. Davis & Associates has completed numerous specialized civil engineering projects, most of which have a strong soil- or geotechnical-related scope or are related to difficult site development.  These include Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Soils/Hydrologic Investigations; radon studies; erosion control measure (“BMP”) design for residential and commercial sites; grading, drainage and subsurface drainage designs for residential and small commercial sites; on-site disposal systems; pipeline design; water storage ponds; shoreline protection and breakwater projects; stream channel repair and reinforcement; design plans for rockery, Redi-Rock, Keystone, and soil nail retaining walls; and slope repairs. 


MDA has extensive experience with monitoring of erosion control measure implementation; wetland restoration projects; construction site reclamation and revegetation; construction management; and environmental inspections.

  • Construction Management

  • Retaining Wall Design

  • Grading & Drainage Design

  • Construction Site Reclamation & Revegetation

  • Environmental Inspections

  • Dam/Levee, Storage Tank, Channel, Pipeline, Powerline & Bridge Analysis & Design

  • Septic System Design

  • Foundation Design Recommendations

  • Site Development & Subdivisions 

  • Groundwater Hydrology

  • Geotechnical Investigations

  • Flood Control & FEMA Mapping

  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analysis

  • Storm Drainage Planning

  • Erosion Control & Water Quality BMPs

  • Water Systems, Wells and Storage Tanks

  • Water Rights

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants & Systems

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